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Visual Content Translation - 3 Type To Focus

Which are the 3 types of visual content translation you should focus on?

Visual Content Translation

When a content marketing campaign is launched in your target country, your research will show you what is happening to your local audience. Text-based localized content is always an integral part of international marketing, but did you know that local visual content also plays an important role. Here are the statistics:

Now that you are more aware of the importance of visual content, here are three types of content that will take your international marketing campaigns to the next level.

1. Visual Content Translation: Images

Visual Content Translation: Images

Many people avoid large bodies of unbroken text and quickly lose concentration. Of course, due to the rise in digital content monitoring and mobile internet usage, the average attention span is lower than the previous one. Articles with images get far more views than those without. So, if you divide your text with some fascinating pictures, people will be more inclined to continue reading. Your images must be of high quality and relevant. It is also important to translate and localize the text embedded in any image.

2. Visual Content Translation: Videos

Visual Content Translation: Videos

Videos are a very powerful tool, especially when used to present a common problem and how your product or service provides a solution. The results suggest that compelling video can dramatically increase your conversion rate. Any video must be of high quality and be professionally translated and localized to attract your target audience. There is more than one type of video that can grow your business:

  • Tutorial videos.

  • How-To Videos.

  • Demo Video.

  • Customer Testimonial Video.

  • Animated video.

No matter what video you go with, you need to make sure it fits the overall style and ethics of your brand.

3. Visual Content Translation: Infographics

Visual Content Translation: Infographics

Infographic is a great way to use statistics and other data by incorporating such information into an easily understandable and compelling visual presentation. You may wonder how even the most mundane and boring toys come to life in the form of stunning visuals.

Include your infographic in a promotional effort, which includes networking and social media use with major local influencers. To make the most use of the infographic, it is essential that the design and layout create as much impact as possible. The designer has to pay a lot for colors and shapes that don't mix with the local culture.


Make complete use of Visual Content Translation -

Visual content encourages your target audience to learn more about your product or service. By creating high-quality visual content that really resonates with people, you are on your way to increasing your brand awareness and reputation. However, never lose sight of the importance of translating visual content - because people are visual creatures, it's more important than translating your written content.

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