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SEO basics - a beginner's guide

What is SEO? - Learn more about SEO basics 2020

Suppose you have a website - beautiful, created according to all design rules, filled with information about your products and services. Only here visitors for some reason are in no hurry to visit the resource, call, and order from you. How to deal with the problem? You need to promote your site.

The owner of any resource (regardless of subject matter) sooner or later has a need for advertising and attracting visitors. To achieve the best result on the search engine the most reliable and effective way is Search Engine Optimization. It does not work immediately, but in the long term, it provides excellent performance.

SEO basics - Beginner's guide

SEO is a well-defined set of requirements. If you satisfy all of them, you can significantly increase the traffic on the resource. The result is to attract target customers. Thus, website promotion helps to achieve the main thing in any business - income.

First of all, website promotion is aimed at reaching the first pages of search results for certain queries. For example, if you own a site that specializes in the sale of metal-plastic pipes, potential customers will see a link to your resource by entering the request "buy metal-plastic pipes" in Yandex or Google. The majority of users on the internet show interest only to the result on the first page of SERPs, which increases the importance of search engine optimization.

To do this, you need to know at least the basics of SEO. You can learn them in special courses or simply on the Internet. Remember that only possession of complete information makes it possible to ensure the intensive growth of clients and not lose positions for a long time. The process consists of several stages, many of which are quite confusing.

Website promotion using SEO tools is a relatively inexpensive way to advertise, especially when compared to classic print and television options. The investment in the service quickly pays for itself with increased traffic, an increased number of purchases, and an overall rise in brand popularity.

The main factors affecting the ranking of a site in search engines

Modern search engines operate with a huge number of parameters. The principles of operation of some of them will seem too tricky for a beginner. In fact, everything is relatively simple. Search engine optimization is performed by internal and external factors.

Internal ranking factors are working directly on your site. Website promotion in this case means improving the technical characteristics of the resource, drawing up a logical structure, placing internal links, and preparing useful and high-quality content.

Let's consider each item in more detail.

1. Technical optimization. First step. Includes a selection of quality hosting, setting up server responses, eliminating duplicate pages, working out the robots.txt file, speeding uploading, optimizing images and scripts, "compressing" CSS, eliminating errors in the HTML code. The best way to find problems is to use a technical audit service. There are tons of resources on the web that will quickly and freely research your site and provide troubleshooting recommendations.

2. Prepare a logical structure. When promoting a website, it is important to make it accessible and understandable for the user. The visitor does not have to think about how to get to this or that page. It is best if he can get to any other section from absolutely any page of the resource. Success is achieved by elaborating on navigation. One of the important stages of drawing up the structure is internal linking, that is, placing links to the pages of the same site. Thanks to this stage, it is possible to improve not only the results in the search engines but also the behavioral factors.

3. Placement of useful and high-quality content. One of the main stages of search engine optimization. First, the texts on the site must be unique (this means not copied from other resources). Search engines hate plagiarism! Secondly, the content should be useful to the user. It is not necessary to prepare general phrases, but a solution to the problem. Texts greatly affect the readiness of a visitor to make a purchase from you, so it is recommended to order copywriting for website promotion only from trustworthy specialists.

The basics of SEO include some other aspects of internal resource development, but they are quite complex. You need to learn about the secrets directly from the professionals in the course, otherwise, you can get the wrong impression and make critical mistakes.

External ranking - work on website promotion through other resources. The main step is getting links from outside, which will lead to your pages.

The principle is simple: the link is a kind of "recommendation". The more links lead to a site, the more often it is "recommended", the more search engines "trust" the resource. But there are also some nuances here.

According to the resources that provide the basics of SEO, you need to pay attention exclusively to options from thematic and spam-free sites. Search engines are actively fighting rash link growth.

To achieve the result, you need to analyze your current link profile and study your competitors. Search engine optimization requires following a specific strategy. It is recommended to increase the mass gradually - not “100 pieces at a time”, but starting from a minimum and carefully increasing the performance.

Order links only from sites that have the same subject matter as your resource. Ideally, they should operate in the same region. Donor attendance, content update rate, presence in news aggregators, and other points are important. You can learn more about the intricacies by learning the basics of SEO.

The third important point of search engine optimization is behavioral factors, that is, the actions of visitors on certain pages. One of the most varied and difficult parameters to work with. Requires close attention to detail. It includes the place of entry to the site and the time spent on it, the time of viewing pages, the number of "clicks" on links, return to the resource, and much more. It is the basics of SEO that pay special attention to these points.

Website promotion includes the analysis of the following points

User behavior on the site (viewing depth, time spent).

Browsing depth is the number of pages that a user has opened during one visit. One of the most important points. The deeper the depth, the longer the residence time and the lower the probability of failure.

In the basics of SEO, it is indicated that this characteristic depends on the characteristics of the resource. For example, help sites may have little depth - a user visits a page, finds out the information they need, and exits. But in online stores and on forums, the indicator is usually high.

The more convenient the interface, the less depth, because the user finds information faster. However, this does not mean that you need to complicate the navigation - then there is a high probability that the visitor will be impatient to turn to competitors.

The click-through rate of the page in the search results.

Click-through rate, or CTR, is the ratio of clicks on a link to your site compared to impressions. In the TOP-10 search results, most of the clicks are made on the resources that are in the first, second, and third positions, then the indicator is greatly reduced.

It should be remembered that a high CTR does not mean that you will be buying a lot. The link is clicked by interested visitors who are not yet quite ready to spend money. Methods of website promotion influence further success.

• Attendance.

The number of different people who visit the resource within a certain time. The most commonly calculated rate of unique visitors per day. For counting, special services are used. Potential customers can enter the site both from the search and through other resources.

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The difficulties of search engine optimization and methods of solving them

The tasks that an SEO specialist has to face when promoting a website are very difficult. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you with this.

• Analytics of competitors' sites

Perhaps competitors have already found the best way to search engine optimization? In this case, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel - you can borrow existing developments. Explore traffic sources and keywords other resources are working with.

• Working with the content on the site

To check the uniqueness, it is best to use the text.ru service - it is distinguished by the high speed of work and high-quality results. In addition, you don't have to download anything - you can analyze the content right in the browser window.

To determine the subject matter of the text, the TextAnalyst program is used. It makes it possible to get a semantic portrait of the text, form a thematic tree with hyperlinks, and do much more.

You can also install a plugin for the SearchWP browser, which is used to highlight and analyze key queries on pages. Helps to quickly check if certain words are present in the text. There are versions for different browsers.

• Usability

Website promotion requires the development of a user-friendly interface. A website promotion specialist must understand design and modern navigation principles.

• Solution of technical problems

Required - knowledge of HTML. Preferably - knowledge of the basics of programming. To simplify the task, programs for auditing resources are used. Search engine optimization is made easy with services like Google Developers PageSpeed ​​Insights, ScreamingFrog SEO Spider.

• Marketing

You need to clearly understand the goals of the business and its customers.

Website promotion requires proficiency in tools such as Google AdWords and Yandex Wordstat (basic services for the selection of keywords), Key Collector and Rush Analytics (also make it possible to quickly select keywords), RDS bar (plugin for SEO analysis), as well as tools for webmasters from Google and Yandex.

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