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Increase Brand Awareness By 655% Creating Contest [Case Study]

Updated: May 13, 2020

Benefits Of Contest - Case Study: TG Developers

Competitive marketing can be a powerful way to use social competition to increase brand awareness, promote your products and services, conduct market research, and get new leads in the pipeline.

Although some brands may not get as much attention as they would at the right price, they can still use contest marketing to their advantage. By using social media, sweepstakes are a popular marketing tactic that brands use to attract new customers and re-engage older customers.

It can also raise awareness of your brand and its products and services and lead to new customers and new business opportunities.

Competitions are a unique way to promote brand awareness and audience retention without directly promoting. In other words, contest marketing is a less promotional way for your organization to promote itself. Contests can promote user-generated content, so promote your brand to your target audience, and they provide an entertaining and interactive way for people to engage with the brand.

Statistics show that the use of online social media contests is the leading strategy to actively engage with your current tribe and increase the reach of your online audience. This is especially important because you can amplify and spread your message when your audience is done with you.

In this article, we will evaluate some great contest campaigns from a real company named TG Developers, hoping to educate and inspire you to create your own social contests. Whether you're just starting a contest or have run hundreds of contests in the past, keep reading, because I've included some of the best Example for online contests that are guaranteed to deliver a positive ROI for your competition and benefit your business.

Facebook contests are free and no third-party app is required to run the contest, but you will need to invest some time to make the promotion work for you.

This may sound like a silly suggestion, but if you are a B2B company engaged in a super niche market, Facebook contests can help you win a significant number of new customers. There are some instances where a Facebook sweepstake just doesn't benefit your business, and that's fine.

As soon as you are convinced that competition is suitable for your company, you have to set goals next. If you reconnect your metrics with your competitive goals, you have a better chance of achieving your most important goals at the end of the competition.

The best value your brand gets from contest marketing is what makes it an excellent strategy. What you learn from a marketing contest should feed into your larger branding strategy and inform you about how to conduct future contests.

Contest marketing offers many advantages for your brand, from increased brand awareness to increased customer engagement. One of the biggest advantages of creating promotions and competitions on social networks is that your brands have higher visibility and are known to a larger number of users. As with the previous point, creating social media advertising contests is an easy way to gather information about your fan base.

Other data that might be of interest to your brands, such as posts on social media, photos, and videos, will help you create a database that you can use later to research your customer base and other aspects of your business.

If there's one thing you want to take away from this article, it's to think about the creative ways Facebook competitions can be beneficial to your business and your customers. They are a great way to create new, targeted leads for the company, and if you win on both sides, the user will win a hefty prize before their data is transferred to another company.

That could mean collecting user-generated content, interviewing your fans, or figuring out what's next for you.

What was once a spammy operation, in which companies gave away high ticket prices to attract customers, has become a business that is expanding its business. The success of a social media campaign is no longer measured only by the number of followers you gain, but also by the number of people who engage with your brand in any way. It is more and more about presenting the name of your brands to potential customers.

The benefits of social media contests and sweepstakes become clearer with every viral campaign we see. The discussion of social media strategy almost always involves the use of actions, sweepstakes, and competitions to attract attention and increase engagement.

While such actions can draw attention to a brand, they can also be a trap, and too many actions can lead to a less engaged fan base in the long run. There is a danger that the public will cease to regard frequent actions, contests, and competitions as something special


Established in the year 2012, TG Developers is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company specializing in constructing and delivering premium spacious apartments for the first time home buyers. At TG Developers they consider building and delivering a home to be a serine than just a product.

Website: tgdevelopers.com


As a Real Estate Company, we always focused more on Paid Ads like Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads, Facebook Ads. But never focused 100% on our social media pages. We used to post on Facebook and Instagram about our new offers and discounts. There was no great engagement, only a few likes, and comments.


So, to increase followers and engagement on our pages we came up with the idea to create a contest. It was the 1st week of February and the closest event was Valentine's day. we knew this contest is gonna workout soo well because 90% of our existing customers are newlywed couples and remaining are parents of newborns.

The Contest was:

Facebook Contest
Facebook Contest

This contest was live for 15 days got more than 30+ submissions through Facebook and Instagram.


Contest Insight
Contest Insight

As a result, Action on the page as gone up by 200%, Page Views as gone up by 655%, we got new 46 like on the page, Engagement Increased by 324%.

We achieved this because we mentioned in the captions to share the word with your friends and family, as a result, we got new organic followers. People who didn't follow us had the chance to hear about our brand, while others discussed the contest.

And we mentioned the submission with the most likes and share wins the contest, which reduced the huge responsibility of handpicking the winners and also shows we are not biased.

And finally, we invited the winners to our corporate office and distributed the cash Prize.

Contest Winners
Contest Winners
Contest Winners
Contest Winners


In other words, contest marketing is a less promotional way to promote your organization. Contests can drive user-generated content and promote your brand to audiences.

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