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How to Filter Your IP address from Google Analytics

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When you visit your own website, you may want to avoid doing so by people or employees in your office who may be polluting your Google Analytics data.

After you set up Google Analytics, you must exclude yourself and all other IP addresses that do not want to contaminate your data. Any computer using the same Wi-Fi network must have the same IP address, so you are actually collecting the IPs of the excluded Wi-Fi network.

What's my IP address?

Go to whatsmyip.org to find your IP address. Do this for all Wi-Fi networks you want to exclude from Google Analytics. Do the same for any other Wi-Fi network (as well as the phone/tablet that uses the cell tower to access the Internet instead of Wi-Fi). You can disconnect Wi-Fi and go to whatsmyip.org and you'll see a different IP address.


Exclude your IP address from Google Analytics:

1. Log in to Google Analytics and choose your profile

2. Select the admin menu

3. Select All Filters under Account

4. Click Add Filter

5. Name the filter (anything can happen, I'll use the IP address)

6. Leave the filter type as predefined

7. It should read: Exclude + traffic from IP addresses

8. Enter your IP address

9. Leave the IP address to Google Analytics


All historical data will still be contaminated by your IP address visits, but at least it won't be now! If your analytics aren't down, you won't be surprised - at least it will skip your visits and you can start getting more accurate data to improve your website and marketing.

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