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How long to wait for results from SEO promotion

Entrepreneurs who are looking for contractors to promote web resources are concerned about how long to give an SEO company to demonstrate the result.

If at the stage of signing the contract it is not determined what the result means for each of the parties, and how to calculate it, then a conflict will arise during work.

A common mistake of a manager is not to clarify with the customer what will be a satisfactory result for him. Marketers will increase traffic and conversion, and the client expects sales to grow, which SEOs cannot indirectly influence.

For example, a manager and an SEO specialist who participate in the stage of negotiations with a client and prepare a commercial offer, by the result, mean the moment when the traffic from search engines starts to grow. The client contacted the company with a website with 500 visitors per month.

According to the optimizer's estimates, it will take 3 months to carry out the work, another month while the search engines Google index the changes, and by the fifth month the visibility of the site will begin to grow. It turns out that the result will begin to appear only in the fifth month, subject to the prompt approval of the changes made by the client. 

The manager informs the client that the result will be in 5 months. Without disclosing in detail how this will be expressed, the customer thinks that in 5 months sales will begin to grow.

Let's say that traffic starts to grow with an increase of 150 visitors per month, and the conversion from visitor to circulation was 10%. Every eighth visitor who turns to buys. From this traffic, the client received 6 concluded deals (500 x 10% x 12.5%).

Thus, in the fifth month with an increase in traffic by 150 visitors, the client will additionally receive only 2 deals. And if the business is seasonal, and the customer applied at the beginning of the season, then by the end of the season, when the result is planned, the conversion falls. This means that sales growth may not happen at all.

The manager reports on the work done and the results, that traffic begins to grow, in response he receives a claim that this does not affect the growth of sales in any way, and the client believes that he is wasting money.

It is difficult to persuade a dissatisfied client to wait for a little because, in two months, website traffic will double and continue to grow, which will directly affect sales.

In the practice of studio DIUS, there were cases when at that moment the promotion contract was terminated, and the client found other contractors, and two months later boasted that he had received the desired result. 

So how much time to give to showcase SEO results?

There are two solutions:

  1. The client announces the conditions and selects a contractor for them.

  2. Requests conditions from the contractor.

The first option seems appropriate, the customer sets the goal for which the contractor selects a solution. But here a dilemma arises for optimizers, who are forced to look for approaches to the detriment of quality if the project is time-consuming and the timing is inadequate.

An online store uses a constructor to the studio to increase search traffic. Visitors are attracted by contextual advertising (Direct, Adwords) and Yandex.Market.

Site audit and competitive analysis show that functionality is required that is not provided by the designer on which the web resource is running.

For promotion, you need to transfer the store to CMS, modify the catalog, display cards in a category, work with product selection filters, smart links, etc. Improvements will take 3-4 months.

The client has set a deadline for increasing traffic from search - 6 months. Naturally, with this approach, the studio is not profitable to transfer the site to the CMS.

The optimizer is preparing a new decision to try to do what it will do with what is included in the constructor. And to catch up with traffic from informational articles.

Visitors will not be of a commercial nature, but targeted traffic, referrals will be from search, which will be demonstrated to the client. In the future, we will convince the client to transfer the web resource to the engine.

As a result, the client will receive poor-quality work and a mediocre result, which is difficult to improve until the site is running on a CMS.

The second option is when the client accepts the terms of the contractor. But here you should agree with the terms, which will be longer. The contractor takes the site to a technically new level, which will subsequently affect and give the desired results.

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