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Business Tips for New Restaurants Business

Consider the following ways to generate new ways through promotions that take into account these five points.

1. Know and use your strengths.

2. Determine the right promotion for your restaurant.

3. Adapt to the 360-degree approach.

4. Measure your results.

Before you start the promotion ask yourself what type of customers you want to bring in.

1. Customers you see frequently?

Then make sure your promotion matches what they already like. Maybe your popular Thursday special could draw new customers on Tuesday and Wednesday too. Or, Consider targeting your regular customers.

2. A new customer?

If you usually serve people over the age of 40 most nights of the weeks, You can generate a Sunday afternoon crowd of younger couples to enjoy the weekend.

3. Customers at a different time of the week?

If your lunches and dinners are full, but you think you can bring in more customers with weekend brunches or daily breakfasts.

=> Here are some ideas

1. As a Resturant, Food is your Product

A Great main course, unique appetizers, mouth-watering dessert are all promotional opportunities readily available for your use. Consider discounting one dish - Pizza - on a particular day or night of the week. Or, offer half-price appetizers with purchase on a certain order.

2. Holidays provide a great push for promotions

Not just a major holiday.

3. Is your restaurant surrounded by lots of young generation?

Consider catering to working-class people, since they are very busy working you can cook for them and kids, or give offers like " Free food for kids below Age 10". If you have Teenagesers you can attract them with happy hours. If you want to target a mature crowd considers family or couple-only deal for Saturday nights.

4. SMS or Whatsapp

SMS marketing can be very effective but needs to be approached with more care and close observation. The two most important things you must consider while this kind of promotion is to get permission from the customers and limit the frequency to contacts.

sending messages more than once a week may annoy the customers. If you are giving them very attractive and reasonable offers then consider sending it often.

5. Social Media

If you have created a facebook and Instagram pages and have already built some following. This means you already have built-in fans, people who like your restaurants and willing to share things about it with others.

>>> Keeps the conversation going!!!

1. Put those social media fans to work - Give them the offers that they not only will like the offer but will also share it with there friends and family. conduct the contest like share, comment and like the post and first 10 people to do so will get 50% off on all the orders. So you will be driving more organic traffic and more exposure.

2. Be visuals - Use a pic, graphic that is relevant to your campaign concept ( Use food pic that gets moth drooling). Use only 20% that suits and is explicit about the promotion. If it provides value to your Facebook and Instagram friends, they will share it.

3. Be consistent - If you are planning on send promotional emails every week, rotate visuals in the ads. For example, if you are promoting happy hour on Thursday, gather fun pics and graphics with a happy hour theme, using a new version every week while you provide a consistent promotional message.

4. 360-degree: Integrate Everything.

5. QR Code - Qr codes are the new ways for businesses to connect cell phone technologies with promotions and products. Like a bar code, each QR code is unique to enable mobile couponing. Mobile is at the forefront of digital marketing Today.

I hope you got new understanding and new ideas to promote your restaurant business. if you like the blog please share it with your peers.

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