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Backlinks in SEO 2020 - Everthing you need to know.

Backlinks play a key role in website promotion. search engine considers those sites with more backlinks as popular sites and ranks them higher.

Backlinks are not easy to get, but the sites that succeed have strong positions and are trusted by search engines. Which in turn leads to attracting targeted traffic.

What are backlinks?

The entire Internet is essentially a collection of sites, individual web pages, and links. The term "worldwide web" arose from the fact that various sites are linked through links. i.e when one site links to another site, links are created.

Backlinks are "juice" that gets transferred from one site to another. For the site where the link is placed, it will be outgoing. But for the site to which it leads, it will be incoming.

Links that lead to other pages on the same site are called internal links. These links are important for SEO too, but their impact is not as critical as the presence of external links.

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Why backlinks are important for SEO

You can easily see that almost every article on SEO and promotion in one way or another deals with backlinks.

Why is it so important? The history of backlinks began when the founders of the Google search engine developed a unique algorithm for evaluating the quality of sites.

This algorithm included the presence of backlinks and counting their number as one of the key factors. The more backlinks led to a site, the more credibility it got.

In fact, the idea was simple and effective for its time. It is logical that if any site is actively linked, then this site deserves attention.

In other words, webmasters and users seem to vote for this or that site with their links. This algorithm has improved search quality.

However, very quickly, webmasters realized that almost any site could be promoted in search engines simply by purchasing links in large quantities.

Moreover, the sources of backlinks were often extremely low-quality sites, mainly made precisely to serve as link donors.

In response, Google and other search engines have made changes to the algorithm.

For a while, there were even rumors that the links had stopped working. But is it really so?

Are backlinks important today?

Of course, the algorithm have changed. But not canceled! The changes only concern the source of the backlinks.

If in the first stages the search engine took into account only the number of backlinks, not paying attention to their quality, today the situation looks exactly the opposite.

What matters is their quality rather than quantity. They continue to play a big role in promotion.

And all the studies that have been carried out on this score show that in competitive niches (and this is almost all commercial projects), sites that have strong backlinks from authoritative sources appear in the top positions.

Which backlinks are considered good

High-quality backlinks that have a positive impact on site rankings have the following characteristics:

  1. Links placed on thematically related sites;

  2. Links placed on authoritative resources with a high rating;

  3. Placed on high-quality websites;

  4. No "nofollow" attribute;

  5. Have a thematic anchor (a word or phrase, by clicking on which you go to the site);

  6. They are located in the subject text that corresponds to the target page to which the link leads.

Backlinks that considered as substandard:

  1. The links from sites of low quality;

  2. Those links from sites that have minimal trust;

  3. Links from sites of questionable topics;

  4. Links from sites without unique content;

Despite the fact that, in the general case, search engines simply ignore the low-quality links often (or even more often), often abuse does lead to the imposition of penalties.

Accordingly, discard the links that are dangerous.


Backlinks are still important for SEO optimization and promotion. But it is important to remember that links must be of good quality from related sites as well.

Thus, the main secret of successfully getting into the TOP of search engines comes down mainly to two points:

creating relevant content of good quality and getting backlinks.

When these two conditions meets, your site will get the boost it needs to get to the top. search engines simply ignore the low-quality links often (or even more often)

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