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Are Email Campaigns Effective? Check Out the Proof! (CASE STUDY: Real Estate)

Email Campaign: Case Study: TG Developers

TG Developers
TG Developers

Established in the year 2012, TG Developers is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company specializing in constructing and delivering premium spacious apartments for the first time home buyers. At TG Developers they consider building and delivering a home to be a serine than just a product.

Website: tgdevelopers.com


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Our campaigns were not performing well, Impressions were going down and also click rate was getting reduced which resulted in a lower conversion rate because of which we had to pause all the campaigns on all platforms.

We had a very few leads generated, very few means in March we ran campaigns till 23rd. and from 1st march till 23rd we had received only 30 leads. These leads were sent to the telesales team, in this 30 leads few were not interested, few gave the same answers

" We are ready to visit after Covid -19 lockdown ends and the remaining few got angry for calling them at this time ( I understand why they are angry ).


To overcome this issue with customers not able to visit the site, I had come up with the strategy. The strategy was very simple but very effective ( check results for the proof ).

Email Campaign, Yes email campaign it took 1.3 hrs for me to come up with this email template.

According to me the 2 most important problem with customers at the current situation as they were not able to come out and visit the site and take a look at the project and specifications.

So in this Email copy, I addressed their problems.

Problem 1:

They are concerned about the connectivity/ Route Map.


So we already had a Route Map video for our project, Attached the video in the mail.

This video is really edited well and covers almost everything you need to know about the connectivity.

This is the video:

Problem 2:

They won't be able to see the project/ Model House.


We also had a video of our model house. The video clearly explains how the project hosts in its lap exclusively designed Residential Apartments, each being an epitome of elegance and simplicity.

This is the Video:

So this is the primary concern addressed in this mail.

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The Email Campaign for Tg Developers yielded extremely desirable results.

The email was sent to 30 leads.

Email Campaign Insight

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Adding the videos in the mail was an added advantage. check out the Top Links Clicked.

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