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4 Steps to increase the performance of your Google Ads Campaign

Are you satisfied with your Google Ads account? Want to make more money for less? Thanks, to google ads, many companies have been successful in providing large-scale targeted traffic for very little money. However, many webmasters and advertisers do not have the ability to use Google Ads effectively.

After losing thousands of rupees and running many failed campaigns, I learned how to resolve many of these setbacks. That is why I have compiled a list of the 4 steps necessary to stay ahead of the game.

1. Design

The design of the ad determines what it looks like. Next, consider what you want to include in the title and what you want to tell the visitor before deciding to spend your money by clicking on your ads. Disable ads without being fooled. Be sure to follow all google Terms and Conditions on the Editorial Guidelines page.

Many owners are learning to shop using the wonders of the internet and when they click on those Google ads, many people don't understand that they are spending someone's money by clicking on them. They don’t understand that most product pages they are going to click on are trying to sell them.

Many are not even interested in spending money, however, convincing it may be. However, it depends on what you are looking for. To avoid this simply destructive problem, simply price your product directly in your ad.

2. Brainstorm

This is where my fall started, I selected some keywords and in turn got less traffic and the traffic I received was very expensive! Avoid this start by taking the position of your potential customer. If you are looking to sell a product, what do you search as a custom?

Now do this and make a list of the many search phrases and keywords that you can think of. Don't be afraid to use Google's keyword tool, though I didn't find it very helpful.

After suppressing as many words as possible, take a look at it and determine which words and phrases can be combined to form a new one. Find as many words as possible, once you start, its easy and you should come out with around 250 keywords. Check this list and remove some keywords that are "out there" and will not generate targeted traffic.

3. Optimize

Never waste your money on the cost suggested by Google. That's 10 times more than needed. Many advertisers do not realize that clickthrough effects exist to the degree that they are clicked on every time.

Here is an example to make this easier to understand. If you pay 5 rupees per click for the phrase "shopping cart" and your competitor pays 10 rupees and your click rate is .5%, you are in the required position above this person. Double the value, but pay half.

For keywords that make your product or target less targeted, but still effective, I recommend that you estimate almost half of those that contain keywords with the desired target.

When all your keywords and prices are in one place, set your daily budget to less than you plan to spend per day. That way you shouldn't lose too much if it doesn't. Let your campaign run for a few days before you make sure you've set up conversion tracking. See which keywords work best, convert them into conversions, and delete ones that only cost you money. If you do not win first try again.

4. Experiment

When you monitor the performance of your keywords and ad groups, keep trying new things. Change a word in your ad and compare the results to the previous one. Trust me, one word can and will make all the difference. Positive or negative, you must discover it!

If you have problems finding ads that get enough clicks to avoid reactivation and generates many ads as possible, even if they are terrible, offer new ideas You.

When comparing results from your other ad groups, select the three you like and create a new group. If you do not find success after following all these steps, then what you are doing is not wrong, you are trying to sell it. Ask yourself the question: Is your product guaranteed to be self-guaranteed: is this product helping someone or is it just a great idea?

It's a great idea that people are not looking for or desperately need. Keep track of and change keywords and ad groups while watching sales and popularity stand out!

Thank you for checking out this blog. If you like this post and felt it was useful to you. Please share it with your friends and family or who need this.

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