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3 Best and effective ways to make money with Podcast

Do you want to earn money with your podcast?

If you are doing a podcast, the earning potential of your podcast is an added benefit to you as a podcast. As a podcaster, you don't have to worry about the big overhead and revenue your podcast is likely to generate.

There are three main ways you can make money from your podcast.

1. Created Revenue by Commercial Sponsors

One of the best ways to win podcasts is with commercial sponsors of the program. If you get a major sponsor, you can make a lot of money with your podcast. Over time, large companies begin to recognize the real importance of podcasting. Paige and Gretchen, two mothers from Virginia, understand the importance of business sponsors.

They host a weekly show called MommyCast that focuses on mothers.

The page is a 5-year-old mother and Gretchen is a 2year old mother. They have acquired two main sponsors of the program, Earthlink and Dixie. As a result, they are making a lot of money, from commercial sponsors to shows.

When they started podcasting, they probably didn't know how popular their show would be. However, Earthlink and Dixie recognized the impact of their program and decided to sponsor. (Www.mommycast.com)

If two moms in Virginia can do this, anyone can achieve the same goal. It doesn't matter where you live or what podcast you do. If you can build a large audience, your chances of getting a big sponsor for your podcast will increase.

Business Sponsorship is a great way for your podcast to generate a great revenue stream. If you can get a great sponsorship it can earn you a lotas a podcaster.

When two big corporations like Earthlink and Dixie recognize podcasting as a way to reach potential customers, it's good news for all podcasts.

When a major sponsor advertises on traditional radio, the radiostation's signal is limited by the percentage of a particular geographic area.

However, podcasting has no geographic restrictions. Anyone in the world can listen to this program on a computer orMP3 player. So this is a great selling point for potential sponsors.

2. Allow income by contributing

Another way to generate revenue from your podcast is to donate. For example, AdamCampanareand SamHolgrenhost a bi-weekly Chicago podcast called cinecast.

He reviews various films and gives his own opinion. His podcast is becoming very popular and growing every day. (www.cinecast.com) If you visit iTunes, you will find that they have listed as featured podcasts in their podcast directory. This is a great asset to Cinecast. (www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts)

Adam and Sam have decided to earn money by requesting donations for the podcast. When you go to their website, you will see a button for PayPaywherelisteners can donate to your podcast.

PayPal has a good reputation and offers a great way to accept donations. Providing your listeners with valuable information will increase their chances of appreciating your efforts and making a donation.

But over time, Cinenecast will probably be able to win over a national sponsor. When you first start podcasting, donations area great way to make more money for your audience.

3. Monetize your Website or Blog

The third way you can make money for your podcast is by adding advertisements on your website or blog.

Google Adsense is one way you can accomplish this goal. Adsense puts ads on the pages, so you get charged anytime someone clicks on the advertisements (www.google.com/adsense)

Another way to make money for your website or blog is by Clickbank promotion of various items.

ClickBank sells more than 10,000 items and can be marketed as an affiliate.

Registering as an affiliate at ClickBank is free and you make money every time anyone buys a product through the links available on your blog. (Clickbank.com)

The main factor in the revenue generation is to get your podcast heard. The easiest way to accomplish this goal is to get your podcast published in iTunes and add your show with other show repositories as well.

You ought to let people know you're out there so you can attract a large audience. Over time the opportunity for corporate partners will also rise as the market grows.

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