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25 Digital Marketing Analytics Resources

The OWOX team has compiled a selection of useful Telegram and Slack channels, blogs, and Facebook groups where you can follow analytics news, ask questions, and discuss problems. All resources have regular updates and active discussion.

Even today, when only the lazy do not write about Internet marketing, there are still a few sensible resources about analytics and working with data. Novice specialists have to re-read the references and hand over the self-written scripts from hand to hand. But after talking with colleagues, we were able to compile a top of 25 resources that help to stay up to date with industry news.

Telegram channels

A selection of thematic channels with regular updates.

  • " Internet Analytics " - Alexey Nikushin's channel, head of marketing analytics at Rambler & Co. Today it is one of the largest authoring channels of the Russian-language Telegram, dedicated to interpretations of Internet market research, analytics, and interesting facts about the Internet, media, and post-industrial society.

  • BigQuery Insights is a channel of Mac Paw product analyst Alexander Osiyuk. Main topics: Analytics in Google BigQuery, insights, and examples of SQL queries. The channel contains not only links to news and repositories from GitHub but also interesting cases on working with data. For example, the analysis of the sentiment of texts in social networks using the example of tweets during the release of the latest Game of Thrones series.

  • WebAnalytics - Dmitry Osiyuk's channel, MarTech analyst in the LUN real estate search service. The channel contains information on web analytics and data analysis in marketing. Bonus for subscribers - announcements of interesting conferences and webinars and vacancies. Dmitry also has a second MarkeTech channel about modern technologies in digital marketing, but he also has publications about analytics.

  • " School of the bearded web analyst " - Andrey Osipov's channel about new products, cases, and solutions in web analytics. Andrey is a certified Google speaker and lecturer of courses on Internet marketing in Netology, WebPromoExperts, Skills, Digital Space.

  • " Google Ads Scripts " - Dmitry Tonkikh's PPC Automation LUN channel. Here you can find news, useful tips, and solutions for Google Ads scripts.

  • Google Apps Script Russian is the channel of Alexey Ivaschenko, the leader of the Google Developers Group in Moscow. GDG is a non-profit IT community based on Google technologies for developers: Android, App Engine, Dart, Apps Script, Google Glass, and others. The channel has a chat of the same name, where you can discuss analytics issues.

  • " Google Spreadsheets " - Eugene channel Namokonova and Renata Shagabutdinov, authors' books to Google Spreadsheets. It's simple. " Here you can find ready-made scripts and a description of the useful features of Tables.

  • Marketing analytics with OWOX BI ” is a channel of OWOX company, a SaaS service for marketing analytics. Here are collected cases, guides for setting up end-to-end analytics, announcements of online and offline events.

  • " The Data Insight • News-commerce E " - Channel research agency that specializes in the e-commerce market. There are no descriptions of scripts and metrics here, but there is interesting research in various eCommerce niches.

Facebook Groups 

Analysts looking to ask the community questions and participate in discussions will benefit from Facebook groups. Here are some helpful Russian-speaking groups.

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Club unofficial is a group of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager users with questions and answers. Here you can also leave a complaint and get advice.

" Web and Mobile Analytics " - a group with discussions on how to find out everything about users of websites and mobile applications and use this information to increase conversions and ROI. Here they discuss Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrics, Adobe tools, ad trackers, split testing.

Power BI, Excel in Internet Marketing and More” - here you can meet experts in MS Excel, Power BI (PowerBI), Power Query, Power Pivot, and Google Spreadsheets and turn to them for help.

In English-speaking groups, they do not so much ask questions as they immediately share their experience - they exchange articles, research, observations.

BIG DATA Professionals | Scientists | IOT | NoSQL | Hadoop | Spark | Flink - Here they discuss Big Data, Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Python, and R. If a user has a question while reading a post, you can get an answer to it in the comments.

BIG DATA - Discussions, articles, and publications about Big Data.

Data Science Beginners is a group for beginners and experienced professionals who are ready to help with finding the answers and the right tools.

BIG DATA and Visual Analytics - Articles and discussions about big data, dashboards, and ways to visualize data.

Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Google Data Studio - Adv Enthusiasts - Tips, troubleshooting, and discussion about Google Marketing Platform for advanced users of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Data Studio.

Big Data Analytics News - News about Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, NoSql, Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hive, HBase, IoT, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Websites and Blogs

Martello is a treasure trove of knowledge for aspiring marketers and analysts. Here are the author's lessons from Dmitry Komarovsky and other famous marketers on working with Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and HTML5.

Blog about e-commerce - Pavel Levchuk's blog about modern e-commerce metrics: LTV, CAC, Churn rate, Cohorts, etc. It will be of interest to analysts and technically advanced marketers.

Netpeak's blog - case studies and advice on internet marketing in general and data analysis.

OWOX blog - case studies and detailed guides for setting up end-to-end analytics. The materials will be of interest to advanced users or beginners who learn quickly.

LPgenerator blog - one section is devoted to analytics, the rest with interesting publications about metrics, KPIs, and calculation methods.

Channels in Slack 

It would seem that Slack is not the most suitable place to read articles and discuss issues outside your work team. But it is worth going through a simple registration and waiting for the approval of the application, and you can get into the society of experienced analysts who are ready to help.

Measureslack - there are many chats in the channel on various topics from data visualization to working with analytical tools. The audience is active in discussions and helps each other with advice.

Onlinegeniuses is built on the same principle as the previous channel. Several chats are devoted to analytics, the rest is PPC, SEO, and other Internet marketing issues.

Let's summarize

To level up your marketing analytics, read:

  • Telegram and Slack channels with regular updates, where they publish useful scripts, cases, and guides on web analytics, announcements of thematic events.

  • Groups on Facebook where you can ask a question and get help from an experienced analyst and participate in discussions of interesting topics.

  • Thematic sites and blogs, where beginners will find useful guides, and experienced analysts - cases and advice from reputable companies.

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